Ways to Make Your Small Company Look Larger

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September 29, 2015

The Internet has revolutionized the way we do business, and more people are discovering online entrepreneurship. Small businesses can compete with their larger counterparts, bringing in profits and enjoying the benefits of a competitive marketplace. Making your business appear larger is one of the best ways to capture more business and enjoy higher profits through online entrepreneurship.


Get a Great Website

One of the best ways to make your small business look larger is to get a great website that showcases your products and services. Web design services have come down in price lately, and it is no longer cost prohibitive for businesses to gain an online presence. Have your website professionally designed and you will be able to compete with larger companies for the same customer dollar.


why business web

why you  need a business website (click to enlarge) 


toll freeGet a Toll Free Number

Toll free numbers are an inexpensive way to make your company look large and established. When potential customers call your line, you can set up a system of extensions that will route them to one of your internal “departments.” These departments will direct right back to your cell phone. You can even have professionally recorded prompts that will add even more of an air of professionalism to your calls.


Find an Office Space

While working from home can be convenient, it can be a problem when you want to meet with clients in person. Bringing a client into your kitchen to work at your table is not the best way to instill confidence in your business.


office space


Finding a low cost office space for rent is an excellent solution that will allow you to maintain the image of a larger company. With small business office space, you can hold meetings or simply work from your office desk. These office centres often offer reception services, conference rooms and private offices. If you travel for your business, some companies have office space in satellite locations around the world. This means that you can meet your clients at your offices across the globe. You can also list these locations on your website to make your business appear even more powerful.


Have Professional Marketing Materials

Your marketing materials are often the first thing that your clients will see and those materials will shape their perception of you. Invest in high quality stationery, business cards and advertisements to make your company stand out. If you are sending a mailing, use your logo on your envelope and all related materials to make your company look like a large and established company. Include customer testimonials on all of your materials. Your marketing materials are the face of your company so invest a little more in your company’s marketing materials to make them stand out.


business branding

Example of professional marketing materials


When it comes to competing with larger businesses, there are many steps that you can take to capture the most customer dollars. From renting office space to having a toll free number and building a professional website, there are many ways that you can put forth the image of a larger, more successful company.

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